Since I lived in the United States for two years and wrote my dissertation in English, I am able to give my therapy in English on a professional level. I founded my private practice in 2004. Children, adolescents and adults are welcome for a variety of problems, such as fears, depression, major life events, burn-out, sleeping problems, low self-esteem, problems with education or work, eating disorders, behavioral problems, developmental disorders (ADHD, autism), problems related to childrearing, family and children in developmental stages such as puberty.

You can contact me directly at my cell phone: 06 88 81 90 06 or send me an email: irma.roder@euronet.nl Our first contact by phone is needed to address the following subjects. First of all, the reason why you are referred to me and by whom. Secondly, to find out whether help is needed on a short-term basis or whether it is sensible to put you on a waiting list. In case specialized or immediate help is needed I refer you to a therapist or institution that can offer you longer-lasting or multidisciplinary treatment. Finally, I will explain what the costs for therapy are. You will receive a bill at the end of the month, which you have to pay yourself first, and then submit it to your insurance company.

What you should know when starting therapy with an independent psychologist can be read in this flyer:

During the intake session I will analyze the reasons for being referred to a psychologist, given your personal background. In case of children, both parents and child are invited for the intake. The first 20 minutes the child is present, the last 40 minutes only the parents are interviewed. After that, the child is invited for an individual session to talk about him or herself and the problems he or she encounters. Both the view of the child and the parents are important to analyze the problem. Sometimes it is helpful to interview the teacher. A psychological assessment is recommended when more information is needed about your personality or that of your child.

Please bring with you the following on your first appointment: your ID-card and a filled-out and signed application form. You can print out the application form below. If this is a problem I will send you one.

In case the parents are divorced an approval of both parents (if they both have parental authority) is needed for the application of children under the age of 16.

Application form Practice Röder 2019.pdf

After the intake session and diagnostic phase I discuss my hypotheses with you about what is the core of your problems or that of your child. In addition, I offer you a proposal for therapy. For children, there are two possibilities. One is family therapy, when the problems of the child are interfered with the functioning of the family as a whole. I am specialized in Attachment Focused Therapy, founded by Daniel Hughes . Therapy goal is to understand and recognize the attachment needs of the child better, in order to make parents more effective in childrearing practices. Furthermore, when parents understand better how their own attachment history interferes with their bonding and develop ways to step out of this pattern, they feel more confident and experience a better bonding with their child.

Another possibility is a combination of mediation therapy with the parents and individual sessions with the child. I use drawings, special games, books and cards, in addition to play material such as little dolls and animals. For adolescents, the most common therapy is family therapy or individual sessions with the adolescent. Children under the age of 9 with an indication for play therapy are usually referred to colleagues that are specialized in play therapy with young children.

In my therapy for adults I use techniques from various therapeutical frameworks, such as the cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR (trauma therapy), acceptance commitment therapy (ACT), mindfulness therapy, client-centered therapy. The main characteristic of a therapy given by primary care psychologists is that it is short term and solution-focused.

I am specialized in couples therapy according to the method of EFT (Emotion Focused Therapy, founded by Sue Johnson). This method is more than developing good communication skills; EFT focuses on underlying patterns of emotions, which interfere with reciprocal empathy and bonding. Couples are able to recognize these patterns, step out of it and feel more connected to their spouse.

Costs from 1-1-2021 onwards:

Individual session (45 min.)

€ 105,00

Intake session (60 min.)

€ 131,25

Session with couple or parents (75 min.)

€ 157,50

Family session (75 min.)

€ 157,50

Session by phone (15 min.)

€ 26,25

If you cancel an appointment within 24 hours ahead, no costs will be charged. You may leave a message at my voicemail day and night, also during the weekends: 06 – 88 81 90 06.

As a primary care psychologist I maintain close connections with other primary care workers such as General Practitioners, physiotherapists, dieticians and social workers. You can meet me in Gezondheidscentrum ‘Leidse Hout’, 1st floor. Address: Dieperpoellaan 28G, 2334 CN Leiden.